VME Pro 8 Port Unified Message Voicemail-Refurbished

VME Pro 8 Port Unified Message Voicemail-Refurbished


    VME Elite   No longer is Unified Mess...
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VME Elite


No longer is Unified Messaging the exclusive feature for big businesses. With the advancements in compact flash memory and solid state construction, features that were the domain of expensive Voicemail Servers are now contained in a much lower cost unit. Low cost, yes, low in features.... definitely not ! Small in size ... no way ! The system comes configured with 4 ports which can be expanded to 8, 36 hours of voice storage and then doubles to 72 with the 8 port expansion. 500 mailboxes will cater for just about most companies in Australia and the "killer app", built in Unified Messaging ........ with no license seats to purchase. The system is licensed for all 500 mailboxes, out of the box.


The big question is "What is Unified Messaging" ?? It simply means that the voice mail system will deliver all personal voice mail messages to your Email "In Box". This can be on any Email client i.e., Outlook, MS Exchange, Lotus Notes etc, it doesn't matter. Therefore, it means that the user can check their Email and Voicemail from the one desk top location. It saves users from checking their Email on their desktop, then switching over to their phone handset to pick up their Voicemail Messages. We "Unify" all their messages into the one location.

In today's wireless world, more workers are now more mobile than ever. With wireless LAN connections and mobile Dect handsets, many workers are no longer chained to the one desk. This is why it's even more important that Voice mail messages can be retrieved while the worker is "on the move". The added advantage of the VME Elite Unified Messaging feature is that the system is Email based. This allows for the voicemail messages to be delivered to any Email address. This allows for external workers to still receive voicemail messages from external email clients such as Hotmail, so you can still listen to your messages while working interstate or oversea's.


The VME Elite also includes the PMM (Personal Mailbox Manager) utility program. This allows workers to configure their mailbox from their desktop environment.


Not only does the VME Elite include impressive voice mail features, it also has incredible Auto Attendant capabilities. With 99 Auto Attendant levels and 20 In Band DTMF tables, the system can be configured for the most demanding incoming call handling requirements, including .wav file support for professional recorded scripts.



  • Ports                                                  4 expandable to 8

  • Max Recording Time                       36 Hours expandable to 72 Hours

  • No. Of Mailboxes                             500

  • Built In Ethernet Port for Unified Messaging

  • Operation Modes                            Day/Night/Holiday/Break/Automatic

  • Multi Level Menu's                          99 Levels

  • Integration                                       20 In-band DTMF Tables

  • Touch Tone Programming             Yes, via DTMF Tones

  • Windows PC Programming            Yes

  • In Built Line Monitor                        Yes

  • System Prompts                              Yes

  • Call Transfer Types                          1. Blind Transfer

  •                                                             2. Supervised Transfer

  •                                                             3. Semi Supervised Transfer

  • No. Of Auto Attendant Menus       99

  • Message Wait Lamp Notification  Yes

  • External Notification                       Yes

  • Email Notification                            Yes

  • In Band DTMF Tables                    20 Flexible Tables

  • Virtual Mailboxes                             Yes

  • Ability to back up customer programming

  • Day/Night Operator Locations

  • 8 Flexible Operator Codes

  • Dial Operator code to return to the operator during mailbox greeting

  • Dial a digit to return to a personal assistant or support group during mailbox greeting

  • External Message Retrieval

  • 19" Rack Mount Form Factor

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